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About Our Healer Tony

This webpage is about our energy healer's background

He was brought up in various convents and Catholic orphanages run by very caring and dedicated Roman Catholic nuns and priests around Yorkshire, England

Knaresborough, Yorkshire

This was especially true in the beautiful surroundings of Huddersfield, Wakefield and Knaresborough like Saint Theresa's orphanage in Thistle Hill, Knaresborough, which today has since reverted to a normal family home

Feeling a Presence

As a 7 year old child Tony became aware there was something very strange around or near him, like an invisible presence. He used to experience strange phenomena which he thought at the time was just normal and that everyone else experienced the same things

Paranormal Experiences

But over time he discovered that his strange experiences were not normal but were paranormal

British Army

From 1970-75 Tony served in the British army's Coldstream Guards based in Pirbright in Guildford, Surrey, England

This is where he and all other soldiers in his regiment learnt how to march and become a professional soldier

Ceremonial Duties

Part of Tony’s duties were carrying out ceremonial duties like Trooping the Colours on Horse Guards Parade in Central London

Buckingham Palace London

Plus guarding the Queen and the other members of the Royal Family in Buckingham Palace in London 

Tour Of Duty

Then a 2 year tour of duty in Berlin guarding the infamous guarding Adolf Hitler's deputy, Rudolf  Hess in Spandau Prison in Berlin, Germany 

Berlin Tattoo

This was followed by more ceremonial duties like trooping the Berlin Tattoo with his regiment representing Great Britain and the Queen abroad

Discovery of Healing Gift 1975

When Tony left the British Army in 1975 he then discovered he possessed a remarkable healing gift having helped his then girlfriend Patricia with her constant headaches and migraines which took Tony just minutes to finally resolve

Tony also discovered he was able to heal many other conditions from the simple to the complex with stunning results in just days or weeks later. Sometimes they happened on the spot

All his healing treatments at the time were done for free

Fertility & Menopause Conditions

Years later Tony also discovered he was also able to help women with fertility conditions including reversing the centuries old problem of the female menopause

As far as Tony is aware, he is the only person in the world today who has successfully achieved this stunning event

Healing Abilities

Tony heals people in person here in London, England 

Tony has also discovered his remarkable ability to reach and heal people from across the globe in just seconds or minutes depending on the distances involved, using distance healing via a phone or peoples' selfies or photos

It may sound weird and outside the box but it works. And that's what counts at the end of the day

It's always about people's experiences and results

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