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And for those of you who also want the added bonus of having children and starting your own family, here is more good news

What you are about to read can best be described as a breath taking miraculous event in many different ways

So here goes ...

'J' From Brisbane, Australia

Some years ago Tony used his selfie healing method for a menopausal woman named 'J' aged 41 who was based in Brisbane in AUSTRALIA

Vast Distances

The vast distance between 'J' in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA and our healer Tony here in LONDON UK was 10,270 miles or 16,526 km

IVF Failures

'J' said she had attempted 3 ivf procedures in the past but they all failed


The Cost to her?  AUS$30,000. And no results to show for for all her money

Selfie Healing Method

Looking for her 'Plan B; 'J' found our healer Tony on google and contacted him with urgency via email

Result in days

She chose Tony's selfie healing method combined with some simple daily exercises which 'J' did from various locations like home and at work

Within a few days 'J' said she noticed her daily hot flashes and night sweats had quickly reduced and then eliminated

All gone

So a very quick result for 'J' and for our healer Tony

3 Weeks later she has a new period

Then 3 weeks later 'J's lost menstrual cycles suddenly popped up again out of the blue

It started with a 5 day period which 'J' said was excellent

Then weeks later she experienced a 2 day ovulation cycle

'J' said she had many more of these new menstrual cycles thereafter in quick time, month after month, after month

5 Months later 'J' is pregnant

'J' then discovered about 5 months later she felt different

So she and her husband went to their local hospital to check it out in order to establish her current fertility status

To their amazement she was pregnant

So she underwent a 4th IVF cycle and this time it worked

It's a baby boy!

Then 9 months later she gave birth to a health baby boy!

All originally started with Tony's new selfie healing method which quickly made her fertile once again

Great result for her and her husband. So they have now started a family

And a great result for our healer Tony too

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