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Professor John Taylor

In 1977 Tony came to the attention of Professor John Taylor, a nuclear physicist at King's College, London

At this time Professor Taylor was investigating people who claimed to possess extraordinary physic powers, both paranormal and supernatural

Discovery Of Uri Geller

It was during these scientific investigations that Professor Taylor discovered the now world famous Uri Geller, the spoon and folk bender

Uri Geller went on to appear on national tv in the UK and across the world with his amazing physic powers

He could even start and stop clocks anywhere the world, all done under the watchful eye of Professor Taylor and his scientific team under strict scientific conditions

Prof Taylor said he could not understand how Geller was able to do this, including the ability to bend knives and folks just using his physic powers

Tony Investigated In 1977

Among those people being investigated at the time in 1977 was Tony, the healer on this website

After a few hours of scientific investigations at his home in Finsbury Park in North London with a group of other scientists present, Professor Taylor seemed to think Tony's powers were based or linked to electromagnetism which could be the scientific explanation for his strange physic powers

But Tony himself wasn't so sure about this

To this day Tony never knew what the final outcome was regarding his own scientific investigation as he never got any feedback from Prof Taylor

And that's even to this very day

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