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Your Skype Experiences Explained

During your free Skype healing trial in the standing up and sitting down positions, you may experience the following ...

Body Movements

Your whole body may sway backwards and forwards, or from side to side

Or your body may spin around, clockwise or anti clockwise

See above video and images for guidance

Mild Or Powerful

These body movements could be mild or very powerful

What determines this is the current state of your current conditions or problems

Or even other problems you may not be unaware of you have, because they are dormant

Temperature Changes

You may also experience different temperature changes too as follows

Hot, cold, burning, freezing, organs moving around, pins and needles, etc

The key point is that whatever you feel or experience during your own free Skype healing trial will be governed by whatever conditions you have at the time you do them


For example if you suffer with arthritis you may feel warmth in your affected joints

And if you suffer with rheumatism, you may feel cold in your affected joints

If you have fertility or menopause conditions, you may feel both heat and cold in your affected fertility organs

To Be Expected

If you experience any of these strange events as described above, they are normal and are to be expected

You have to experience and feel some of these events to help resolve your current conditions or problems

This will demonstrate that this free Skype healing trial is working for you as it should. Simple


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