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Welcome to your free Skype energy healing trial

Then this is what you need to do now to get you started by just scrolling down this webpage

Just follow the simple images and text below in just seconds!

Step 1.    Book Your Free Skype Healing Trial Today

Log into your Skype account using

your smartphone

or your laptop

or your tablet.  You decide

Then find us at: superenergytherapy

Tell us your ideal day & time you want to start your free Skype healing trial

Our Skype healer, Tony will hook up with you on your selected day & time

When the time comes, just click on Skype Video icon - top right corner

Now turn your volume up to 100%

Say 'Hi Tony. It's me!'

If you feel anything during your free healing trial, tell Tony

Our healer Tony will guide you on what you need to do now

Step 2.    How to do your Skype Healing daily exercises in 3 ways

Put on a pair of headphones ...

and listen to some gentle music ...

that helps you to relax. Done?

Stand up like this for 10 minutes

Your feet like this for balance

Your body sways like this - click video

See Wendy using live Skype healing

over a mile away as her whole body

gently sways & spins around!

Now sit down like this for 10 minutes

or like this. You decide

Your lower body may sway like this

You can do the above daily exercises 

in front of any long mirrors at home

or in your local gym or sports centres

Now lay down like this for 10 minutes on the floor - not your bed or chair

Make sure your whole body is flat out

Enjoy your experiences

If you discover that one position is

more effective for you then just use

that one position ie standing up

Your body movements and temperature changes explained

click here

After your free trial ends, what now?

See below for quick details

Want to do more of these same Skype healing treatments again?

Based on cheap  Pay-As-You-Go  prices at just £30 per hour

Just like 1990's prices!

To discover how to book and pay for your Skype Healing treatments

Just click on the green button below

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